The view from Lover’s Point | Monterey

I could have stayed in Monterey for days and days. I could have moved into that seafoam green house across the street from the waves. I could have sat on that porch all night, in one of those rickety iron chairs from the sixties.

But we only had a few hours, and we used it to take in as much sea as possible. We balanced on wet rocks. Collected sea shells and pebbles that look like shiny beads. We watched the tide roll in and out.

So here are the photos of an afternoon after that Easter hike. A lovely, relaxing stop before a long drive back to the valley. Enjoy, friends.

The coastline in Monterey was crowded on Easter Sunday, so we headed further down the road to Lover’s Point, where only a few people were on the beach. The waves were big and loud.

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3 Responses to The view from Lover’s Point | Monterey

  1. Oh man…wish I was there. So pristine and lovely…sigh. Your pics truly capture the beauty of Monterey.

  2. Jane Buchan says:

    It’s hard to take a “bad” picture in Monterey, that said, very nice pictures!

  3. Cas says:

    Beautiful photography!

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