Easter in the Monterey mountains

I always enjoy Easter, the newness in the air, the pastels all around, those little chocolates with that thin, crispy coating (which, I just realized, I resisted this year, thank you very much). I love dipping boiled eggs in deep colors, stuffing plastic eggs with surprises and how my mom always greets us, “Happy Resurrection Day!”

It’s funny to think of the reasons why I love Easter because we really didn’t do any of this on Sunday. Instead, my family hiked the mountains of Monterey. I suppose that hiking is becoming a family tradition. And I find it to be lovely.

My family had an Easter feast Saturday at my brother and sister-in-law’s house Saturday night. My friend Maggie and I couldn’t go up Saturday because we were working our Relay for Life team’s garage sale. But we woke up early (again), and hit the road.

Here is our day … It started with a short detour on the way to Monterey. We pulled off of Highway 152 near Hollister and went to the Pacheco State Park on Dinosaur Point Road. It was so beautiful, and worth the 15 minute detour.Not too much later, we arrived at Jacks Peak, where we claimed our spot and said hello to a little critter on the picnic table.

We headed out, following poison oak and what we think was sage to the highest point on the Monterey Peninsula. Mom wore her hot pink five-finger shoes. She swears they’re amazing for the entire body. Maggie, who squirms at the thought of wearing flip-flops, could hardly look at them.Awkward people pictures all around. I love how in every picture people are so in their own world … except Stacy, who is always on. One big, happy family. Minus a lot of members. Sap!We found semi-fossilized sea life 1,000 miles above Monterey and Carmel.The poison oak. We’re not friends. I spent my childhood covered in pink, crusty calamine lotion and soaking in oatmeal baths. Yuck. Taking in the view as we approach the top.
“Is that one banana slug — or two having the sex?” Everyone had to stop to analyze. No resolution was made.Moss on the trees. That’s what I remembered most from when I hiked this as a kid.Smile, mom.Fungi on the mount.Dorkus brother on a stump. There it is. The view.Apparently there are fossils in this rock wall. We didn’t find anything. Mom liked to run up the hardest of hills.The leaders. Instagramming, perhaps?Hard-core mom in her pink toe shoes doing the last (and toughest) stretch. Then it was lunchtime at camp! We had delicious turkey sandwiches with turkey from their Easter dinner. It was delicious! Stacy also made fruit salad and a macaroni salad made with quinoa noodles. Extra yum.Mom on the phone with sister in D.C. She may or may not be drilling her about a new boy.Mmm, tasty.Thanks for viewing. I hope you had a lovely holiday, as well.

I’ll return soon with the post-hike beach pics. We couldn’t return to the valley without stepping on wet ocean sand.

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4 Responses to Easter in the Monterey mountains

  1. Looks like a great day. Love the photos, brilliant as usual oh talented one. The caterpillar shot is super cool and Mom’s hot pink finger shoes are awesome! Thanks for sharing your beautiful day.

    • Lauren says:

      Thank you, C. I loved the caterpillar. I kept waiting for the butterfly, but instead, we moved him to a tree : )

  2. Mitul Patel says:

    Glorious photos you share.

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