Oh, the lovely little things — a list

Oh, all those little things. I have a little love for them. I always have. I think it runs in the family because my grandma is forever giving me tiny little things wrapped in a Kleenex with its life details scribbled on an attached yellow Post-It. I love having those little things scattered around my home. I love looking at other peoples’ little things. And hunting for them, where they live inside glass cases.

I found this funky little shelf with the tiniest of nooks while thrifting with Maggie during our lunch hour a few weeks ago. I hung it and started to fill it tonight with trinkets and treasures. I’m thinking I might paint it. Maybe teal … to match my bookshelf and night stand.

As I was looking around for the tiniest of the tiniest things, I got to thinking about all of my favorite tiny things. And I came up with this list of:

Oh, the tiny things I love (many of which are just not tiny enough to fit on the wee shelf):
1. The two white porcelain unicorns I rescued from the “random” pile as we emptied my grandma’s house.
2. Hand-painted tin corazones I bought in Mexico City last year.
3. My handful of vintage flower broaches.
4. The necklace Laura made me with the gypsy lingo.
5. Film slides Maggie and I picked up in a junk store in Portland. They have peoples’ vacations and lives all over them.
6. The collection of small rocks that Cindy hand painted for me.
7. Rolls of film.
8. A soft white sea shell from the day we scattered Laura’s ashes in the sea.
9. Little tiny notebooks waiting to be filled with words.
10. Little vials of beads. And just little vials in general.
11. Watches. One from my step-dad that was always too big. And one from my grandma that was always too small.
12. Little Alebrijes from the market in Mexico.
13. A friends’ belt buckles.
14. A rubber stamp of a camera.
15. One of my favorite earrings. The other is missing.
16. Buttons from friends (and from the time in college when I bought someone’s collection of travel pins on eBay … whoa).
17. My collection of earrings.
18. Vintage mugs with art deco designs, mushrooms and daisies.
19. That little green Savoy camera.
20. My grandma’s hat pins.

What are you favorite little things?

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5 Responses to Oh, the lovely little things — a list

  1. Stacy says:

    You know, if old film slides of my life one day ended up in some random junk store … I would hope that someone just like you would happen upon them and lovingly take them home. Luv you sister.

    • Lauren says:

      Haha, yes, I love old photos and memorabilia. I bought the slides to make slide lampshade. Need to complete one soon!

  2. How cute is this! I love the little cabinet you found, looks perfect!

  3. Shannon Faris-Parnell says:

    I have an old printers’ tray we found years ago that continues to accumulate the “small” things. Such fun!

    • Lauren says:

      I know — I think I have too many little things, but having a little shelf for them makes me feel like less of a clutter-collector : )

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