Five Senses Monday

Hello, friends. I hope you celebrated a lovely Easter with those closest to you. It was a very long weekend — fun and tiring and relaxing and very pretty. I suppose the best way to describe it for you is through Five Senses, where I reflect on the weekend through the five senses. I hope you’ll do your own Five Senses in the comments or on your own blog. Have a great week.Seeing:
Rolling hills, nature and crashing waves on an Easter Sunday spent hiking around the Monterey mountains and beaches with my family. The Monterey coastline from the highest point on the penninsula. Wet pebbles, as pretty and dainty as shiny beads. Black crows hopping on a field of lavender. Garage sales during a city-wide sale weekend. Dark, dark mornings — too early for weekends — to prep for a Relay for Life garage sale and then up early for the drive to the coast.Tasting:
Turkey sandwiches, fruit salad and quinoa pasta salad on a picnic table between towering trees after the hike. The spiciness of fresh mango. Dried fruit and chocolate-covered fruit that we “sampled” as we wandered through Casa de Fruta. Portabellos in a wrap during a birthday lunch with a friend.Feeling:
Sea mist … I’ve missed it for a long time. My calves burning as we made it up the last stretch of the hill. The dogs, sneaking on the bed while we slept. Heat and cold: The weather can’t decide this April. So strange to drive by both my elementary school and middle school, which I haven’t seen since I left. Heavy-hearted after writing about a verdict in a case involving a local priest. Sore palms after yoga. Like I’m going to miss a coworker who left, but excited to see what he does.

Large waves crashing on dark rocks. Seagulls squawking — and humans trying to recreate the sound. The laughter of family on a hill. Plenty of tunes on a long drive.Smelling:
The smell of my childhood home — the canyon’s weeds, trees and foliage — was so familiar and exactly the same as we walked up the hill and past the home where I grew up. The smell of green in the forest and salt in the mist. Strawberries, basil and a mango getting too ripe in the my car (haha, not pleasant). Rain hitting dark pavement (it reminds me of recess in elementary school).

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4 Responses to Five Senses Monday

  1. That’s a great way to do a blog post!

  2. katyarich says:

    Wonderful pictures:)

  3. liz says:

    what a cool idea! i’m in! i’ll post next monday. 🙂

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