Dog sledding, California style

I’ve been taking my Aussie-Chow, Sara, out a lot lately, getting her some exercise and getting me some movement outside of the gym. For months, she was couped up and confined to our house and yard because we didn’t want to risk her bringing Parvo back for the puppy before he went through his series of shots. In my house, we take that killer puppy virus seriously. Our old boxer caught it when we lived in complete isolation on a mountain top. We almost lost her, but after several weeks of bed rest (she couldn’t have moved if she wanted to), chicken broth and Pedialyte, she finally broke the illness.

So, the point is, the virus is highly contageous between dogs. And Sara was stuck at home.

But now, we’re back out, running as much as we can smelling as many trees as possible.

It started to rain last night as I was walking out the door with Sara and my longboard, but we were both excited to get out so we just hoped the drizzle would clear up. The cloud passed, and we had an hour or so to play before the sun went down.

We did, what I call, dog sleigh: California style. No if I can just get her to pull me up the hills, we’d be awesome.

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