A birthday party, part 2

I was a little nervous about throwing a birthday party. First, I was worried the skating rink I showed yesterday wouldn’t work out (but, oh, it did, didn’t it?). Then, I was like, I don’t know how to make grown-up punch (oh, but it was tasty). And I was, like, I think I need to slice a hundred pounds of cheese for post-skating sammies (which we didn’t touch). I was nervous because the last time I threw a real party I was in high school and I paid for party food by making and selling friendship bracelets to girls at school, and it ended with one friend peeing in my pool and my other super good friend hooking up with my huge crush and me going, “Oh no, I totally don’t care. I’m totally happy for you.” Not.

But I’m 29 now. So beyond that, right? There was no peeing in pools — only falls on the rink. And there were no crushes in the mix either — which may or may not be a good thing. What we did have, though, was great. There were cupcakes — neon tie-dye ones. Candles for all. Gift certificates for bookstores, coffee shops and bead stores (my friends know me). A photobooth I quickly made because I had to have one. An army of penguins with cream cheese souls. And lotsa laughter and jokes and smiles and sleepy yawns when everything was over.

It was a great party, from the funky rink to the soggy paper straws at the end of the night. I think success is people saying we should do this more, just because.

Here is a look at the shindig, through some photos, especially photos of cupcakes.

Because it really did start with cupcakes and a box of neon food coloring. It was my first time, ever, using food coloring. I made electric batter.And this is how they turned out.I frosted them with both real whipped cream (and filled them, too). Others I topped with Funfetti because people can’t resist that. I meant to tell people that half were sugar-free cupcakes, but I forgot. They were tasty anyway.Real. Whipped Cream. Mmm.Straws.I promised penguins. Everyone sang to me and then blew out a candle and made Lauren wishes.Pretty light.The youngest member of the party:Sara is anti-instagram and had to tell everyone. She wants it. She does.And then we played:Well, some people did.

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