Five Senses Monday, the birthday edition

Happy Monday, friends. I hope you had a lovely week. I celebrated a birthday, and my friends helped me celebrate with presents and fun and cupcakes for an entire week. I hope all the fun is a sign that 29 will be the year. Thanks, everyone, for the birthday wishes and emails. I have a bunch of photos to share very soon.

And now, it’s time for Five Senses Monday, where I reflect on the weekend through the five senses. Play along in the comments or on your own blog!

Spiked tropical punch sipped through pretty paper straws. A meaty taco that was delish after not eating meat for a while. Cupcakes galore (mine and Maggie’s batches were both sugar-free so we didn’t feel too guilty … and they taste just as good!) Pre-party take-out from Chop Chop, voted Lodi’s best Chinese … it’s true. Penguin olives (pictures to come).

Bruised after thinking “I got this” at the skating rink. So thankful and proud of all my friends who laced up skates and hit the rink with me this weekend. Getting over the stress of an early-week doctors appointment (I really hate the doctor). A sick day under the covers with a heating pad. The Sunday sleepies. Happy to go back to a routine that involves doing laundry, veggies and fruit and the gym (being sick and then birthday week kinda knocked me outta whack). Wet licks from puppies who missed me while I was away (I might have missed them more).

Disco balls flickering all around. Neon food coloring all over my fingers. Constant surprises on my desk. So many of my favorite people in one room … that never happens. My nephew’s feet totally sliding out from under him. And later, him reaching for the ladle of grown-up punch.

Some good party prep mixes courtesy of Maggie. Orange wheels gliding over a slick blue floor. Maggie and singing along to “American Pie” while she mopped and I made a photobooth of streamers … which lead to us agreeing that we’re really pretty cool people.

That distinct smell that all really old skating rinks have. Fruity Jell-O shots. Dill cheese. Vegetable pizza. Cake batter.

While I have a lot more photos to share, here are a few photos from the week, birthday week:

The week started with presents every day from Maggie and pre-birthday cupcakes for the office. And then, of course, taking them outside to photograph them.My least favorite place. Especially at the start of birthday week. I went home sick, and le step-dad took me to a comfort food lunch. He had a big craving for some authentic flavors. He got it.A coworker delivered a cupcake-in-a-box. Red velvet, people. There was a walk one afternoon.Maggie had a Chop Chop experience. As if it wasn’t already cupcake week, I made a batch for a birthday party. Neon. Tie. Dye. Yup.We went to the roller rink. And it was awesome. I’m going to be a regular. Three pooches like the last of a Popsicle stick (sharing is caring). A post-shindig morning after a late night with friends.Thank you, friends, for making this a great birthday week!

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One Response to Five Senses Monday, the birthday edition

  1. Impower You says:

    I got that calendar last year. I liked it so much that I took all the pictures and taped them onto my door.

    My favorite one:
    “I just don’t like to see you waste your time on silly things.” he said. “Close your eyes than.” she said.

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