A morning drive

The other morning, I went for a drive up Highway 88. It’s one of our little (mostly) two-lane country highways speckled with farm houses, almond orchards and the occasional ramshackled town with saloons and order-at-the-window burger joints.

I was out, peaking between rows of cherry trees and pulling beside boarded-up strawberry stands that will look lonely until strawberry season opens in a few weeks — all in the name of updating a list on fresh food for our annual visitor’s guide.

I decided to take my time. I drove the speed limit. I pulled over once or twice for a picture. I let a store clerk show me around the entire market, telling me about local honey and homemade pies and we walked out to the rhubarb patch — even though all I needed were his business hours and a phone number. In the car, Joplin, Fleetwood and Cash were my passengers. They are so soulful in the early morning.Rhubarb. It’s a mystery fruit to me. Hot pink like the ’80s, but crisp like celery. It always makes me think of visiting my 105-year-old grandmother in Iowa. She grew rhubarb, but warned me that eating it raw was poisonous. I’ve been cautious of it ever since.

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4 Responses to A morning drive

  1. ahhh you make me want to move away from the city! These pictures are amazing and I cannot wait until the farmers market start around the city 😀

  2. asliyoncaci says:

    I really love this blog. Even the simplest of things look beautiful

  3. Kathryn says:

    I just feel so calm and grounded reading your blog. I just had to say that. Plus your photos are amazing. Thank you so much!

    Ps we eat rhubarb raw sometimes. It’s soooo bitter. I make a jam type mixture with it and raspberries. Delish. Also great in muffins. It’s not poisonous that I know of. Sorry Grammie.

  4. Victoria says:

    Love that you took your time and let life surround you…also Love strawberry/rhubarb pie 🙂

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