Life lately

Daily life. It’s simple. But sometimes pretty. What are the biggest little things in your life lately? These are some of mine:

Asparagus season is upon us. And every night, when I eat a generous serving of steamed baby asparagus with sea salt, I feel so lucky to live in a region where the plant grows so wonderfully that we have an entire festival dedicated to this purply and green sprout.

She sells sea shells by the sea shore. A friend’s collection.

Morning light is my favorite light. And this is my favorite window in the house: a little messy but magical.

A coworker introduced me to John Green. I love him. But I love the characters even more.

Two puppies, one baking shelf. One drank the whole bottle. The other tried to break into the cinnamon.

Kale, roasted with sea salt and a dash of parmesan cheese. It’s my new favorite snack. Healthy, salty, crispy — and so filling.Pico de gallo. Love this stuff. I made it at least twice a week and use it daily on my salad, instead of salad dressing. I left the glorious cheeses at the cheese shop. But I do love it, don’t you.Have a great weekend, friends.

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One Response to Life lately

  1. mltucker says:

    Wow, I was showing my husband your post and he said, where is this? Australia? We live in Adelaide South Australia. We have so much in common with California in so far as climate and the abundance of foods we grow, and the blessedly long growing season. Thanks for sharing your lovely foods and pictures. Cheers, Mary Louise

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