Photo a Day – February

Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Was it filled with sleeping in late, moments you’ll remember forever and maybe some sunshine? I hope so.

I thought I’d rewind a little show you My February. I’m still snapping away every day, following the Instagram prompts to document every day, from the 10 a.m. on Saturday to things that make me happy and the color blue. If you don’t remember, I posted the first half of January here and the last half here.

These Instagram challenges have become one of my daily highlights. It’s fun with friends doing it, too, when we all say, “Oh, today we have to remember to shoot ‘window’ or ‘5 p.m.'”

If you want to play along, the Instagram tag is MarchPhotoADay. You can find me @theurbanhippie you can see all of my Instagram photos online at

Enough chat, here’s February:

Your view today – the drive to work:Words – my words in these newspapers.Words – Magnetic poetry of Shakespearean insults at work.Hands – Dan’s:A stranger:10 a.m. – French toast and a vanilla chai latte at home on a Saturday:Dinner – quick dinner, quick photo for a late night at work:Button – The red one on a Polaroid:Sun:

Front door:Something that makes you happy – A boy sketching and listening to music between bookshelves at the bookstore:Inside your closet – a resting puppy:Blue:Heart – a valentine from my coworker.Phone:Drink – champagne and fruit juice at brunch:Something you hate to do – put all the little things away:Handwriting – handwitten poems people send to me to publish in the paper:A fave photo of you – me and my sister.Where you work – this is when I do work from home. Forgot to take one at the office that day:
Your shoes – and his:Green – On the campers I painted a while ago:

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