Colorful weekend with the kiddos

Happy Friday! We made it! After two four-day work weeks in a row (the holiday and then impromptu San Francisco), I was a little worried about tackling a full five days. It’s gone kind of quickly and been good, though, hasn’t it? Maybe it was all of the sun and flip-flops?

Thank you for visiting this week and sharing in the fun that was a weekend with my niece and nephew. I have a few more to share, the last quiet (and not so quiet) times of the day when we just did what we do, which was pretty much whatever we wanted (except watch ‘Spongebob’ or eat at McDonalds … cus those aren’t allowed).

Here are snippets from the weekend.

Play-doh time in the short time between breakfast and lunch:In the morning, we made a trip to the new educational store so Sophia could spend her crisp $5 bill on a handful of tiny animals, fish and insects. She’s always happy with the tiniest of things, especially if it’s something she can care for.She made her little toy family a home. And then fossils.Shortly after we got home from pancakes at the diner, a stop at my house, the educational store and the market, it was already lunchtime. That weekend, I had that cliched thankful feeling for my mom, who, somehow, always made sure us five kids always had three meals a day. Between meals, baking Girl Scout cookie pizza and watching Shrinky Dink shrivel and harden in the oven, I felt like I was in the kitchen more than I have been in my entire life. I honestly don’t know how moms do it — but I do understand that spending $5 on a box of cereal is totally worth the ease.

Anyhow, we spent the afternoon inside in our PJs, watching “Judy Moody” and having a picnic on the living room floor with a huge chicken salad, French bread and Goldfish crackers.Apparently, I was gipped as a child because I hadn’t heard of Shrinky Dink until last summer. I’d seen charms made out of the oven-hardened plastic on etsy and at craft shows and finally Googled it. It was fun to show Sophia and Joseph, and to make my own shrinks for the first time. Late-night test drawing going on here:Joseph made spectacles and a little family, which I think looks like ghosts. Sophia traced her storybook girl for a necklace and drew the chick with the pink pants. I just played around. It didn’t really work, but I tried making something out of one of my favorite quotes: “I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find that I lived the length of it. I want to live the length of it as well” — Diane Ackerman.I made an SX-70 Polaroid charm, and love it. If I can’t have the actual camera, at least I can shrinky it : )Sophia’s mermaid charm – isn’t she a great little artist?We all slept hard:And one day, we went to my house to visit the puppies, and we made French toast. They loved it (I think the vanilla and powdered sugar really added a little extra for their young tastebuds).That’s it from last weekend. You’re almost to the weekend! What are your plans?

xo, L

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