twenty four hours | san francisco

I hadn’t planned on going to the city. But Monday came after too quiet of a weekend. And about 10 in the morning, as I was finishing my coffee, I started thinking. I should have taken the day off. Maggie was there with friends who flew in from New York City the night before. I even told Dan that I probably should have gone, as if it were already too late. Yeah, you should have, he said. Hm, it sounded so simple. But an our later, after checking my weekly work checklist and my bank account, I was in my editor’s office. I want to take tomorrow off. I want to go to the city.

So I did.

At the end of the day, I ran home, threw some clothes in a bag, kissed the pups and hopped on Bart just before 8. Next stop: the Mission District, where I waited with angry panhandlers (they may have cussed at me more than once for not buying them train tickets on my credit card. Sorry?). Maggie and my new friends, Adam and Suzy, soon arrived in a taxi and we walked a few blocks to a diverse, hip pop-up Chinese restaurant made popular by Anthony Bourdain’s travel show, “The Layover.” (Here’s five minutes of his trip to San Francisco.) It’s spicy. Super unique. And lit with bunches of white Christmas lights on the walls. It’s known by it’s unofficial name, Mission Chinese Food. Here is its menu. Between the four of us, our table became topped with sizzling cumin lamb, tea-smoked eel, Mongolian long beans, some sort of veal (not sure cus I don’t eat it) and wild pepper leaves. It’s spicy, spicy, spicy.After, we took a cab to more of Bourdain’s recommendations: Drink spots in North Beach.Mr. Bing’s, unfortunately, was closed. Monday night, go figure.But Comstock Saloon was open. And so was a cozy nook with a sofa and fireplace.I’m always the first to wake up. I may have made more noise than needed with blinds, the camera and, eventually, the TV. Me: Wake up, wake up, wake up.Take the spiral staircase to the top of the city.It was fun following Adam and Suzy’s list of places because we went to a lot of charming places I’d never been to, like Tartine Bakery. Everything looked irresistible. Decisions, decisions.I loved my Swiss chard quiche, though Suzy’s banana cream tart was heaven.After Tartine, we quickly grabbed coffee from Blue Bottle Coffee. Adam’s barista in NYC told him about it, so, obviously, we had to get a cup. It was a little needed energy for a hike in Muir Woods, which I’ll share tomorrow. So in the meantime …My last stop before heading home was City Lights, the famous bookstore and publishing house. I made it back to Bart with all the commuters and was back in my just a few minutes before my 24-hour parking permit expired.

Thanks for sharing my 24 hours with me. It was a great Tuesday with old and new friends.

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5 Responses to twenty four hours | san francisco

  1. Rosy says:

    Beautiful photographs.

  2. Lauren – you rock. Seriously, what an awesome 24 hours!

  3. What an awesome post! Looks like you had a blast!

  4. kittekatt says:

    Wonderful . . .

  5. Maggie says:

    Ahhhh… I always love your walk photos oh-so-much! I especially like the pic of the spiral staircase and the City Lights pics. That was such a cool little area!

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