The city from Sophia’s point of view

My niece Sophia is usually the one in front of my camera, posing for me on Winnebagos in daisy bell-bottoms and with vintage suitcases in fields. But a few days ago, we switched it up, and she went behind the lens and photographed the heart of our city. We parked in a deserted Downtown Stockton, and  I gave her my 20d, a few photo books and a mini lesson on how to use her eyes to see details.

Her little brother Joseph also came along, and was super excited to shoot his own pictures. “I got it, I got it,” he said every time he heard (or thought he heard) the click.

I thought I’d share some — a lot (Sophia took 400 pictures!) — of my niece’s and nephew’s work. Let us know what you think … Sophia would like to hear your comments!

But first, these are a few of my photos of the two working their cameras:

Up next are Sophia’s shots. Didn’t she do great?!And now, for a few from Joseph’s point of view:

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5 Responses to The city from Sophia’s point of view

  1. 1nanasdream says:

    What a great day out and awesome photography! The shot of Sophia taking a picture beside the parking meter was absolutely priceless and cover of a magazine quality! I loved seeing the rest and getting a feel of what the children actually ‘saw.’ I just received the news my 4 year old grandson has autism 2 days ago. He is so capable and intelligent, learning more every day…and your idea here made me decide to plan a day out with him and show him how to use a little digital camera and go at it. I hope it ‘clicks’ and he will have some art work to share soon too. Thanks for the beautiful idea and pictures!

  2. Paula's Paradise says:

    A great eye for detail and talent both in-front-of, and, behind-the-lens seems to run in your family! Well done, Sophia — so many beautiful shots. Thanks for sharing your wonderful day and photos!

  3. Wowsa! I love this post! Love seeing the world thru Sophia’s eyes…she has her auntie’s eye!

  4. tatjanamb says:

    She is talented :OK: :D. Bravo Sophia ❤ !
    Greetings from Belgrade (Serbia).

  5. Sharron says:

    Wonderful photos, Sophia! You captured the human influence on the city architecture.

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