Have you met Friday?

Friday. The best day of the week. I try to tell myself that I am in love with other days of the work week. That I love Monday for its fresh starts or Thursday because we’ve accomplished something by that point. But no, it’s a lie. I am passionately in love with Fridays.

I especially love the last hours of Fridays during particular tiring weeks. It was one of those weeks with a project that never seemed to end and that I felt like I could never whole-heartedly get into. Do you ever get that? That annoying frustration when something so routine seems impossible for some reason? That was me this week.

But alas. We made it, friends. Now I’m at home with my pjs and pups and tons of blogs to catch up on and a nice, hot chai tea latte (I’m giving up coffee for the weekend … a little too dependent these days).

And I just wanted to say hi. Because I’ve missed this space.

Have a great weekend. What do you have up your sleeve?

(Oh, the vineyard photos were taken Monday when I was on my way to an assignment on the river … I have a lot to share with you soon).

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3 Responses to Have you met Friday?

  1. jai long says:

    i really like this shot’s.

  2. 1nanasdream says:

    Lovely pictures…thank you for sharing something beautiful to help lighten my load!

  3. rjdwru says:

    Really nice pics!

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