An hour in Locke

Overgrown gardens. Tibetan prayer cloths. Rickety porches. Painted mailboxes. Flowers and succulents planted in ceramic toilets. Cats sleeping in corners.


I went back to Locke. Do you remember it? I photographed it here and here and here and here and here and here.

It’s one of my favorite places. One of those places so close to home that makes me feel like I’ve gotten away for a little while.

Do you have a place like that?

Here is another look into Locke and Walnut Grove, the quaint towns on the river. It was a wintery day that tasted like summer.

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8 Responses to An hour in Locke

  1. Julie Mundy says:

    Wow Lauren – even though it’s an entire world away and looks nothing like it, the light you have captured in your photos make me think of my country home town in outback Queensland.

    • Lauren says:

      Thank you, Julie. I hope one day to capture Queensland light … in Queensland! That’s definitely one place I’d love to explore.

  2. Cynthia says:

    Love the porches and the doors. You make me want to return to my hometown in Virginia to take pictures. Beautiful. 😉

  3. Whoa! What a great photography!!! Love it!! You have one amazing blog! We’re really enjoy reading each of your post! Just can’t stop scrolling down. If you have free time, do come visit our new blog we’re just recreated. 😉

    MLU the blog.

  4. Sharron says:

    We enjoy your photos. It’s like taking a tour through a new and magical land, because we see somthing new each time we look at them. You’ve inspired us to keep our camera handy.

  5. These are really cool photos – I love the vintage feel

    xo Jennifer

  6. Linda Poteet says:

    Love the photos! I live “near” Locke too and have never been. You inspire me to take that trip soon!

  7. great photos, thanks for sharing!

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