The ups and downs. Of the sun.

This week I’ve been keeping my eyes on the sun, in the morning and on my way to home. It’s been seeming especially pretty lately, magnificent and blaring through the rows of old vines and gloriously golden at sunset. This week I’ve found myself pulling over more during my drive to work, and once even raced a huge orange sun in middle of pink clouds as it threatened to hide behind Mt. Diablo before I could speed to that empty field, where my favorite tree just grows and grows. This week, I trespassed in a couple of vineyards to catch a little bit of dew. I arrived a few minutes late to work once or twice because I was trying to figure out how to get to that one back road. And I’ve decided that the top floor of the parking structure at sunset is one of my new favorite place. It’s where the air blows freely, where you’re hidden from the people below who don’t think to look up and where the rugged rooftops are softened in a pink glow.

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4 Responses to The ups and downs. Of the sun.

  1. Oh my…these shots are dreamy. How wonderful that you recognize the wonderful gifts that God sends us every day. Thanks for sharing life thru your lens…sigh.

  2. Lindsay Cash says:

    THANK you for sharing! Sunsets are illustrations that there is so much more to life than the world we live in – you really captured that! Great job!!

  3. Axel Pliopas says:

    The rocket ride I must get to this amazing planet in your pictures… is it too expensive? How many light years from here? 😉

  4. Holly Goodman says:

    Amazing! I’ve never seen anything so beautiful as the sunset. I’m only eleven but when i was younger I used to go outside at night and watch the sun set. I would dream about laying on the clouds and being being the cloud the sun picked to hide under. The poems I read about sunset’s really made you feel like you were watching the sunset but if they’re not as good as real life. Your pictures proved that. My parents are photographers so i’ve had to sit through years of photo’s being taken. These photo’s would have sold instantly! You have a real talent! 🙂 xxx

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