This is January | Instagram challenge, part 2

31 days.

There were puppies and babies. Waffles and salads. Coffee and tea. Crafts and sunlight.

That was January. And I’ve been documenting it in Instagram’s January Photo Challenge. You can see my first half of the month right over here. And this, my friends, is the last half of the month: A little rain, a little sun, a little of the norm.

I’m going to continue it into February, and you should play along too. Read here how to do it (with your blog, with your phone, I even know people who do it in e-mail).

Happy 31st, friends. Here was the month, day by day:

Day 16: Morning   /   Day  17: Water:Day 18: Something you bought.    /    Day 19: Sweet. I don’t know who Karen is, but I thought it was a sweet sign in the Starbucks drive-thru:
Day 20: Someone you love: I love all of these girls — from Stevie Nicks to the friends on my wall:
Day 21: Reflection. In her eyes:
Day 22. Your shoes. Not very  ideal for a rainy day:Day 23: Something old. A memory box from my grandma with hat pins, letters I sent her when I was a kid and away at college, her old ID card and work badge and world’s greatest sweetheart pin. She’s cute:Day 24: Guilty pleasure. A kiss. Either kind will do.   /    Day 25: Something you made — a collaged guitar:Day 26: Color. My print of color photobooths covered in bee’s wax:
Day 27: Lunch. Everyone in the newsroom went out for breakfast for lunchDay 28: Light. I like the light on her face.   /   Day 29: Inside your fridge. I was housesitting, so this isn’t actually my fridge:Day 30: Nature: My favorite tree as the sun was setting on my drive home from work yesterday. The sun disappeared behind Mt. Diablo just seconds before:Day 31: You. Again — Technically it’s Maggie and me. Pinned to her cubicle.

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2 Responses to This is January | Instagram challenge, part 2

  1. createaruckus says:

    Nice shots!

  2. Axel Pliopas says:

    Amazing pictures!! My personal favorites are the dog and the tree, but they are all great!

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