Emmelia Rose | Auntie Love

Meet Emmelia Rose. She’s was born just before Christmas. A little winter munchkin, she is. I am very excited to be her auntie.

I spent a little time with this momma’s girl a few days ago when it was storming outside and skies were dark and filled with rain clouds. We stayed inside where it was warm and cozy and had a mini photoshoot with a fluffy white bed and a little soft light coming in through an open window. I don’t know what she saw in those clouds, but she was entranced with the light outside.

So this is Emmie. She says hi … what’s for dinner?

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6 Responses to Emmelia Rose | Auntie Love

  1. Jenna says:

    Awwww. Chunky lil’ sweet munchkin.

  2. gerald coffey jr says:

    very beautiful as the esence of the photo is captured through expresion of her grasping the world with new eyes and attention drawn from her face

  3. Cynthia says:

    She will greatly appreciate these photos one day. Beautiful captures. 😉

  4. Impower You says:

    It’s great when they will sit still long enough to take photos. What a fun afternoon! I am jealous. All my neices and nephews are over teh age of seven. “No more sunggles” they tell me!

  5. jen howell says:

    Love the second yawning one, the feets at the top, looking at the window and the thumb-sucking! Very cool! Colors are nice and soft. You do good work!

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