Walks in Lodi

One of my favorite neighborhoods in Lodi is the one where I work, on the outskirts of downtown and right against rows of homes with big porches and fruit trees growing in the front yards.

Some days, when the clock in the newsroom hovers somewhere around 3 and the hint of sunlight coming through the room’s ceiling-lined windows is too tempting, Maggie and I sneak outside to get fresh air, give our eyes a break from the computer and explore the personality in the street blocks around us.

Instead of smoke breaks, we try to take photo breaks. And instead of cameras, we use our phones, glorious phones.

This is something we don’t do enough, sometimes saying we’re too busy or we’ll go when we finish something. Which can turn into never. But I think everyone in every profession should take those 15 minutes to step away and change the scenery. We always come back in a better mood, refreshed and with a new perspective of whatever it is we’re working on.

So here are a few snaps I took during a couple of our afternoon walks. Enjoy, friends.

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6 Responses to Walks in Lodi

  1. Paula says:

    How delightful – thanks for the peek into your lovely work neighborhood.

  2. Sharron says:

    I’ve been walking these same streets over 65 years. It was first in my stroller, then by my mother’s side. Thanks for featuring the simple things that make this walk so enjoyable; the flowers, the plants on the porch. Oh yes, who can forget the Jules Perrin, Cement Contractor, stamp on the sidewalks.

  3. Just beautiful! I especially love the photo of the deep red vines crossing the white cinder-block wall.

  4. Axel Pliopas says:

    “Instead of smoke breaks, we try to take photo breaks.” – and see the result!!! some of my smoking friends like to talk about how creative the “smoke breaks are”…. wow….. they just have NO idea…. 😉

  5. nice shots, i worked in lodi a couple of times, i like the place quiet and nice. i love california sun!

  6. Wendy Boyce says:

    Lovely, positive idea! Thanks for the share! Wish I could just pop up pictures from my phone but alas, using that cheap walmart LG version. Bang up phone, dropped it a million times and once into a toilet, haha! Still working! I do have a little $50. camera I like to cling onto and shoot pics with though. Keep up the great shots and positive breaks!

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