Five Senses Monday

It’s Monday — and winter is finally here. The weekend was unsure of itself, with bursts of both sun and rain. But today, the skies are dark and the street gutters are filling with water. Today is the day to stay home and snuggle, but alas, we live in the real world, don’t we?

So now it’s time for Five Senses Monday, where I reflect on the last few days through the Five Senses. Please share your five senses — either in the comments or on your own blog.

Rain droplets knocking on my window  — a sound that’s decided to take a break this winter.

A little nostalgic going through boxes I’ve had stored since college.

Jalapeno in a spicy mango margarita, flavors I never thought I’d enjoy together.

An itty, bitty mouse stick it’s head out from a couch at one of my favorite coffeehouses. Eek.

Chicken stock on the stove.

I took a little drive to the river:I have a bad nighttime habit of transforming my bed into an at-home office/TV station. I’m trying to do more personal computer work out and about so that my bed is only used for sleeping. This week, I went to one of my favorite local coffeehouses:Coworkers and I tried the new cuisine at Alebrijes, where chef Ruben showed off his fruit-infused tequilas (no we didn’t drink all of that) and 60+ sauces. I’m big on traditional Mexican food, but we switched it up with samplings of filet mignon, duck, a buffalo taco and more.I worked a late shift Friday and spent part of my morning having coffee and listening to a table of retired men discuss oatmeal toppings and refrigerators. While there, I snapped this photo because it was refreshing to see people with newspapers in their hands:What I thought was going to be a quiet Friday night alone turned into dinner, coffee and movie with my sister, her hubby and two of my favorite little kids. I was still the first to fall asleep during the movie. Like always.After dinner, Joseph got too comfortable at “his” Starbucks. I thought I was a ‘bucks regular, but this 4-year-old definitely has me beat as the baristas knew his name.I went through some boxes I’ve been storing from college and I found  collages I made, including these from my calendar during senior year.And then I played with my niece Emmelia a little bit. It was too cold outside, but she liked staring out the window at the rain clouds above.I hope you had a lovely weekend and find some warmth this week. xo.

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One Response to Five Senses Monday

  1. like this post. especially love those fancy peppery mango margarita’s – think I might need to make those tonight! Oh and I like the collages too.

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