This is January | Instagram challenge

These days, one of my favorite things is Instagram. It’s that simple little iPhone app that connects me with friends and other photographers around the world who post photos of what they’re doing, what they’re eating, who they’re with and everything else.

This weekend I got halfway through the January Photo a Day Challenge by fatmumslim — along with hundreds of other Instagrammers.

So far, this is my January:

Day 1. You: Me and my nephew, Joseph. Day 2: Breakfast: Starbucks and a free Sunday Times on a Monday.Day 3: Something you adore — my new niece, Emmelia Rose. Day 4: Letterbox — It’s where most of my mail goes, anyway. Day 5: Something you wore: Mardi Gras mask.
Day 6: Makes you smile: rocks hand painted by a friend.
Day 7: Favorite: My favorite collection is of old cameras.
Day 8: Your sky. Day 9: Daily routine — the drive to work with my “I’m not gay, I just really love rainbows” air freshner hanging on the rearview mirror.
Day 10: Childhood. My favorite picture of my mom and me. And also of childhood: Dogs, beach and me pretty much sums it up; some things never change.
Day 11: Where you sleep — Beneath a cluster of paper lanterns.
Also where I sleep: With green paisley and a purple pillow pet.
Day 12: Close up — me and my niece Sophia.
Day 13: In your bag.
Day 14: Something you’re reading — The new issue of Kinfolk.
Day 15. Happiness — Happiness is pups ready for a morning drive.

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4 Responses to This is January | Instagram challenge

  1. Steve says:

    A great visual diary!

  2. Nicole says:

    Awesome…now following!! :))

  3. cindy deluz says:

    So much fun! Love the pups in the car!

  4. deezer1 says:

    new to this site, but I love it as of today!!!

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