More whipped cream, please.

Happy Saturday, friends. Any big goings-on this weekend? It’s low-key here. A little doggie around-town roadtrip. A little Netflix. A little website tinkering (coming soon).

I was thinking of getting out of my PJs sometime soon to have a coffee date with my new book. Then I remembered I have these photos from another cafe trip leftover from the holidays. Can you think of anything more wonderful fresh whipped cream?

I can’t either.

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4 Responses to More whipped cream, please.

  1. Maggie says:

    Yum, that was so delicious! I wish we had that coffee shop in town because that would be our spot. I especially loved that bagel!

  2. erinlizzie says:

    This looks amazing – fantastic pictures of fantastic treats! I’m glad I have a coffee date in an hour – I’m craving!

  3. Steven Palermo says:

    Love the pictures!! Just kind of sad that I’m seeing them in my engineering class and I can’t have an awesome drink like that here… =(

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