Stuff I’ve been making

Sometimes, I get the urge to make stuff. It’s often when it’s cold outside and I feel like staying in with a movie and box of beads or stick of glue. That’s when the fun happens.

So when I vowed to myself that I would only give handmade Christmas gifts, I had to dig into my daisy craft chest (that’s it up there). Oh, because part of the deal was I had to use supplies I already owned (that was the hardest part, people … no matter how much craft junk you accumulate, you always — always — need more).

So like I said, I get the urge to make stuff. These are some of the things I’ve made recently, mostly for two special friends who both have birthdays around the holidays.
I know bottle cap jewelry is everywhere right now — teeny-bopper craft set or Justin Beiber key chain, anyone?), but I wanted to see if I could make my own spin. I made these for a friend who truly understands the beauty that is the 1971 movie, “Harold and Maude.” I like the way they turned out, and with the pounded metal and paint, I don’t think you can totally tell they’re bottlecaps.
And this is the back view.
I don’t have a picture of the actual surprise ball, but all of these trinkets were inside of it. I wound surprises in crepe paper so the ball would have to be unwound little by little to discover all of the treasures. At the base I had the larger framed print and then continued with eraser kitchen stuff, hair clips, cute socks, a Whoopee Cushion, a Peas-in-a-Pod friendship necklace, vintage flower earrings (on a slide), salt water taffy, buttons and a tiny, retro blue phone. It’s not totally handmade, but I think surprise balls are super fun. Surprisingly, it’s hard to find frames for photobooth strips. I know, right — I thought they’d be popular, too. But not even Pinterest or Etsy came through with products or even ideas. I thought I’d give Cindy a photo strip of us in like a collage or something bright, but then I decided to go simple and clean. And I’m glad I did. Again, not totally artistic, but did you ever think of framing all those old photo strips you have stuffed in shoe boxes?I’m so in love with this little girl and her pet zebra. I think she has so many stories to tell. When I found her, I knew I had to use her, and I knew who to give her to. I made a little collage with torn paper, pink paint, a tree of life, 3-d butterflies and diamond gems.
Inspired by the interwebs, I made this little windchime-esque wall or window hanging. I used a thrifted doily, a found stick, a feather, beads and a baby terrarium. I think I’ll be making more of these, so, friends — I hope you like them ;  )

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One Response to Stuff I’ve been making

  1. decorartuk says:

    Right… your sentence “no matter how much craft junk you accumulate, you always — always — need more” is very true! If anyone doubts that, I can tell them just the same.

    Great earrings. I’m sure your friends will like them – handmade things are so much special.

    And as for Justin Beiber… well, it’s just another Harry Pottery fenomenon – too much attention/too many other good children books unnoticed.

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