Antiques in the foothills

Before the holidays really began, I took a little daytrip with my friend Maggie to visit my grandma and grandpa at their new home in the Gold Rush town of Jackson. Grandma doesn’t drive — never has, though she walks miles and miles (in heels!) — but loves when I visit because not only am I one of the few people in her life who can keep up with her intense thrifting, I can jet her around from place to place.

So when we visited, we hit her shops in Sutter Creek and ended up in Jackson, with the last stop being the thrift store a mile from her house where she walks and volunteers every week. It was super fun hanging out with grandma and showing Maggie Jackson for the first time. Here’s a peak at the day.
She would totally wear those.

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4 Responses to Antiques in the foothills

  1. Grandma looks pretty hip and cool!

  2. Maggie says:

    I love that pic of the three of us, and thank god that candy shop is not in Lodi because we would be there everyday! I had such a lovely time seeing Jackson with your grandma and cannot wait for our next thrifting trip!

  3. martha esch says:

    gosh, i love looking at your blog – always takes me arm chair traveling to a new fun place! that’s one hot grandma you’ve got and love your comment, “She would totally wear those.”

  4. Anne says:

    Your grandma has super cute feet! She can wear any kind of shoes she pleases. 😉

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