My Year in Review | September and October

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful, fun and safe celebration last night. It’s a good day for new beginnings, which is exciting.

I wish you lots of happiness, health, love and peace in the new year.

I still have a little roundup left to do. Please enjoy these photos from September and October.

In September, I developed my first roll of film in the darkroom. I learned to paddle board with the girls.
I showed my photos and jewelry at an art faire:
I photographed beautiful Emma:
Because I love it, I went to Locke again:
I took some time to sit go on a reading date with my pup:
October came around, and the sun was still shining. We cliff jumped in Copper:
That’s the month I met artist Ava Avione and saw inside of her colorful world:
I went to the festival:
Maggie and I camped at Dillon Beach. I posted it here, here, and here.
Maggie wrote a chapter in an ebook, so naturally, we did a little shoot:
Grant had a New Orleans shindig at his house:
At lastly, we walked around with zombies in Downtown:

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One Response to My Year in Review | September and October

  1. Maggie says:

    That Dillon trip was the best of times… and the worst of times. But seriously, I’m so glad I was able to see that beautiful beach in all its sandbar glory! More paddleboarding and zombies in the new year please :p

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