My Year in Review | May through July

Hello, friends. Here’s another — and quite packed — review of some of my favorite months of the year, the time when the weather was warming up and we were all ready to get outside and have some fun. I don’t like to rush the seasons, but these picks made me hungry for barbecues, road trips to paradise and long days to do nothing except everything you want to do.

So here we go:

The warm summer months of friends, food and the outdoors kicked off on May 1, when my friend Grant has us over for homemade pasta on his patio.
I told you about the mariachis who performed for me on my birthday in Mexico City:
Then the sun really started coming out, and it was all fun in Sacramento:
May was a lot of fun. We took a lot of pictures and did a ton of art. C taught me how to cover my photos in bee’s wax. That lead to a little waxing obsession — that has since been cured.
And there was more fun … and C became a little obsessed with making terrariums, which was fine by me.
I was still blogging about Mexico in May. Here is Diego Rivera’s artifact museum he built:
And then I got to the pyramids:June finally rolled around, and we had Relay for Life. Our team won most spirited, and we girlies played around on the lawn, too:
I tried to do a lot of lists this year. One of my faves included all of the reasons I love thrift stores.
Cindy and I took an impromptu trip to the county fair before it closed. It was a super fun night capturing all the spinning lights:
As summer began, there was lots of fun, including a weekend that included this taco truck contest and a lounge around the dog park.
At the end of June, I watched Emma ride for the first time. It was beautiful.
We found lots of fun places to find trinkets and treasures in Sacramento:
Grant had another barbecue. This time it was meat and yumminess.
At the end of July, we roadtripped it to Palm Springs and beyond. Here is my first post with our cell phone pictures of Ace mopeds, Salvation Mountain and photobooths in the desert.
Some of my favorite pics from Palm Springs are the film photos in this post. I just love the feel of them.
Thanks for going back to these summer months with me. I have special memories from these times, and they were definitely some of my favorite moments of the year.

Next up: August, which actually includes a ton of July’s roadtrip to Palm Springs, the Salton Sea and Salvation Mountain.

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5 Responses to My Year in Review | May through July

  1. awww……love these shots! Good times and good memories, made me smile from ear to ear. Thanks for sharing!

  2. kristasta says:

    What a beautiful, colorful year you’ve had. I love the way you see life through your lens…and thank you for sharing!

  3. Justin says:

    Looks like you had quite the year! Nice!

  4. mltucker says:

    Just saying Hello! I found a link to your blog on another I follow (I think, heck who knows how we find things on the interwebs!) and have been following this year. Love your style! Cheerio and have a good 2012! Mary Louise

  5. Maggie says:

    Relay for Life was the best. Nothing like the delirium of being up 24 hours in a row 🙂

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