My Year in Review | April

I’m in middle of My Year in Review posts, and while I normally do a few months at a time, I thought I’d focus on April. It was a big month, filled with a lot of reflection from my trip to Mexico City. Take a peak back. I’ll be back very soon with spring and summer.

Earlier this year, I ventured out of my comfort zone and went to Mexico City, where I stayed with my friend and her husband’s family who live there. I really feel like I saw everything while there — good and bad. Here are a few photos from the day we went to a Mexican food market.
But first, I had to get off the plane:
We feasted on paella my first night.
Xochilmilco was one of my favorite places in Mexico City. I can’t resist all of the color and the life that thrives on the river.
I found Frida Kahlo on this trip, starting with her exhibit at this museum, which is the home of Diego Rivera’s last wife.
One day, we went to the flower market. The girls rode horses and we hid from rain drops.
Looking through these pictures, I’m thinking I’m almost ready to visit Mexico City again. I didn’t think I’d ever say that, but it really was unique and beautiful. Here is the handicraft market we walked through one afternoon.
If I were to move to Mexico City, I decided I’d want to live here, in Coyoacan, Frida’s hometown.
When I got back, C took me out to the yummiest birthday lunch.

I painted campers then, too. That was really fun.
I photographed three friends in a field on a day when the sun was out:

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2 Responses to My Year in Review | April

  1. Oh Man, forgot how much I love your Mexico pics….simply awesome. Also love the shot of the three real live Pretty Girls…so sweet.

  2. Maggie says:

    You need to make like a coffee table out of your Mexico trips. What a beautiful and adventurous trip! We need to really plan some quality day trips.

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