My Year in Review | January through March

Hello there, friends. It’s one of my favorite times of the year —  time to pick out my favorite blog posts and pictures from the year and share them (again) in My Year in Review week. I love looking back through all of the memories, and I hope you do too.

It was definitely a full year, and my heart is bursting with memories of travels and friendships and life’s subtleties.

So, here it goes — January through March, 2011. Click on the links if you want to see the original posts. Thanks for visiting.

In January, friends and I spent a weekend in Santa Cruz, and released a friend’s ashes into the sea.
On that same trip, we walked though the trees of Big Basin and then watched the sun set over the water.
In that same weekend (I really enjoyed that weekend), we hung out inside the beach house with music and friends and fire and good food:
Then later that month, we gals went to the Sac Antique Fair and found tons of treasure. I can’t believe that was already almost a year ago. Can we go back soon, please?:
February came quickly, and I photographed new momma Natalia. We went to my favorite city on the river, Locke, and played in a field.
Cindy bought me one of my favorite vintage Thermoses, which was also the beginning of a collective Thermos-collecting obsession. (Note to self and C, we need a Thermos photo shoot asap.)
Though a little late, I posted photos from the trip Maggie, Dan and I took to the Mission District in San Francisco. That seems like so long ago:
In February, the sun came out a little bit and Sophia and I took a walk on the levee with a camera and a pink flower:
In March, I traveled to Mexico City to visit my friend Sheryl and her family. I wrote a little something while I was there and shared a few snippets, like my fancy birthday breakfast, a view from inside a church and Diego’s murals. (There will be a ton more Mexico posts from April).
One of my favorite days of the year was the rainy day I had to research vintage/thrift stores for work, and Emma and Cindy joined me. It was the first time either of them had been to Locke, and I know they saw the magic that keeps drawing me back.
This year, too, we sent pink balloons into the sky for baby Emma, my niece whose short life impacted us greatly:
I loved writing about this artist, and especially taking pictures of him in his element:
Cindy and I made a photo block for my niece with those levee pictures I took of her:
I’ll be back soon with more from my Year in Review ….

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One Response to My Year in Review | January through March

  1. Maggie says:

    I cannot believe it’s been almost a year since you took that trip to Santa Cruz. Those are probably my fave photos from this year. And yes, a Sacramento Antique Fair trip is kind of needed immediately. And a Locke trip. We should go on a lazy Sunday!

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