Casa de Fruta

After you drive through the middle of nowhere — otherwise known as Pacheco Pass — you’ll find Casa De Fruta, the Mecca of fruit stands that was always the drop-and-switch point when it was time for me to go off with a different parent  (that, or Santa Nella, which is just a weird, weird town on the other side of nowhere).

Anyway, we stopped there on our way home recently. The awesome Casa de Choo Choo (yep, they have a train) and the Choo Choo de Carousel were closed, but Maggie and I still wasted plenty of good driving time wandering around the rows of fruit and nuts.

Thanks to my the handy dandy camera phone, I could be a little more sly about taking pictures. Ha — I wish. Anyway, this Casa de Fruta. Ever been?

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2 Responses to Casa de Fruta

  1. anorwen says:

    Putting this on my must-visit list!

  2. CHERRIES!!!! Awww sweet memories. Wowser, this post made me super hungry. Love all the vibrant colors.

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