Fisherman’s Wharf & Cannery Row | Monterey

I was relieved this weekend to find that Monterey still feels like home. I grew up all throughout the area, mainly in farmland and on hills on the outskirts of the calming tourist city. But we’d go in often, mainly to run into Costco or Whole Foods. When family would visit or when my dad would come see me for the weekend, we would always go to Monterey.

Being there this weekend, the coolness of the breeze and those sweet and salty smells in the air took me back to 5, 7, 14-year-old versions of myself. I remember so many Saturdays at the Del Monte skating rink. I remember rollerblading with my mom and my brother, and taking really long family bike rides that started when my little brother and sister were still being carted behind in a yellow kids bike trailer. I remember going there with grandma and grandpa in the days when I only wore stretch pants and my pony tail on top of my head. And I remember getting out of the limo with my group of friends on the night of our senior prom.

It was always comforting, and it felt the same way this weekend when Maggie and Stacy and I wandered around with no real plans except that we’d eventually need to eat something yummy and maybe tie on a pair of ice skates.

So these are the photos from our few hours in Monterey. We didn’t end up ice skating (we weren’t in the waiting mood after a large dinner on the wharf), but we did enjoy the boats lit with Christmas lights and feasting our eyes on sweets in the candy shop (which we didn’t splurge on because we opted for a mini sampling of Ghirardelli chocolates in Cannery Row instead).
I tried to shoot from the hip on a couple of shots. Mostly, I forgot to try, and this is what I got.
This taffy-making machine made my day. I was so happy to see it was still there, in the same place in that same window.
Then we went to Cannery Row. I kind of love it’s rickety parts the best.

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2 Responses to Fisherman’s Wharf & Cannery Row | Monterey

  1. the word bar says:

    Oh my what a wonderful surprise.. I moved here from there (lived there for 4 years) and miss it so much….what a wonderful gift you have given me.. i still recall the best salmon sandwich I got there and how my girls would play on the rocks near waters edge..*sigh*..Hi Monterey!!

  2. Natalie says:

    Headed there tomorrow morning. Can’t wait!!

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