Five Senses Monday

Happy Monday, friends. It was such a busy week and fun weekend. I wanted to share Five Senses Monday and phone snapshots from Hipstamatic and Instagram (find me at theurbanhippie) this week.

This week, I …

… watched Bindi while Grant was in Uganda. One morning she thought she saw him and couldn’t get her eyes any wider.

… ate sammies: PB&J and grilled cheese.
… Maggie, Dan and I had one of the best days at work when we profiled a steakhouse and ate the best and most expensive steak we’ve ever had. Deep-fried asparagus, artichoke dip and heaven-stuffed chicken was equally awesome.Our newspaper’s photo chief, Dan, is an awesome baker. Last week, he made maple bacon chocolate chip cookies. Today he made red velvet cookies with white chocolate chips. He’s also Maggie’s roommate, and today she realized she has the perks of a guy and gal roommates: Dan is drama free and he bakes and can hem her pants.
There was clam chowder in my life this week.
Maggie and I visited my brother and sister-in-law. We hung out, laughed, and slept under a big cozy blanket we called the polar bear.
In the morning, Stacy baked! Hello pumpkin bread and quiche. The following morning, we all huddled in the kitchen while she made us amazing breakfast sandwiches. Yum.
We had a nice dinner on Fisherman’s Wharf … and then looked at the boats lit up with Christmas lights in the bay.
It was a little overcast, but beautiful.
We went to the Carmel Mission. It’s my favorite of all of California’s missions. We’d take fieldtrips here when I was a kid, and I did my fourth grade mission project on it.
We browsed shops.And we drove out to the national forrest where we used to live and saw our family’s old house. It was a little nostalgic. I miss the country and the trees and the river in the backyard. I don’t miss the long bus ride and being a teenager who felt like she was stuck in the forest when her friends were in suburbia. I might change my mind now, though.
This is my nephew Brutus. He’s awesome. We took him and Coco to the dog park.
Sunday afternoon came to soon, and it was time to drive home. We stopped in Old Salinas for a bite to eat and cup of coffee.
Then we stopped again at Casa de Fruta. Because you just have to.
And now it’s time for Five Senses Monday, where I reflect on the past few days through the senses. Play along!

After a fun few days, extremely tired (it doesn’t help puppies were all a flutter at 3 a.m.). A little sad my photo class is over after tonight. The coldest air I’ve felt so far this year … on the ocean.

Me and Mag screeching “Total Eclipse of the Heart” through Gilroy and Hollister. Stacy, me and Maggie and laughing so hard sound just couldn’t come out.

My high school town that I haven’t visited in y.e.a.r.s.

A mocha from Ghirardelli.

The salty sea.

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2 Responses to Five Senses Monday

  1. I often use artichoke dip as an alternative to tomato sauce with macaroni.

  2. Maggie says:

    I love that I got to see where you grew up, and know a bit more about your childhood! The last week has for sure been filled with adventures!

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