Whimsical Giveaway — Just call me Wendy

I’m excited to share something with you — a big piece of soulful wisdom that has helped drill a new, positive perspective into my daily life. A reminder that it’s okay to be happy and silly, to expect more from every day, and that it doesn’t matter if I’m sometimes unsure of the big picture. This is something that uplifts me every time I read the stories of women who find whimsy their own way, whether dredging their own course with tools like a white board and marker, trying out a fake identity on a stranger, or finding true happiness with a penguin on a YouTube video.

I’m talking about “Whimsy for Wendys,” an e-book founded by Annie Passanisi, which shares the stories of 11 women who find whimsy in their daily lives. One writer is a familiar face, my good friend, Maggie, who you probably see here at least once a week (remember the shoot we did here?).
“Whimsy for Wendys” leaves you feeling empowered and enriched without that stuffed-on-fluff feeling self-help books often give you (this is not a self help book, but you will find it helping your true self). The women and their stories are very real and very relatable and raw. There are lies. There is honesty. There are real thoughts. There is mention of antidepressant and bottles of vodka. But there is redemption and direction and success and even a fun craft project. It’s the kind of book I will read over and over because I feel like it’s a necessity now.

The e-book is a great Christmas present, and — guess what? — it’s going on sale tomorrow only (Friday) for $10. Get it! And get one of these awesome posters with pieces of Annie’s Manifesto (I love them all; $8 on etsy).
But (this is exciting), I’m doing my first ever giveaway — you can win a free copy of the e-book “Whimsy for Wendys” AND a whimsy manifesto print of your choice! Just leave a comment below saying how you find whimsy in your day/week/month and you will be entered. If you Tweet, Facebook, Instagram or blog about the project, you get extra entries (just let me know). I’ll close the giveaway Monday morning at 9 a.m., and announce the winner shortly after. (Oh, and you can read this book on your computer; it’s not just for Kindle).

And now I’ll leave with one of my favorite lines from the book. In Annie’s perfect words:
“And though I’d rather fly beside you, I will fly in spite of you if need be. So, save your fairy dust. I will journey on unaided but by whimsy of my own making. I may not be as “gay and innocent and heartless” as I once was, but rest assured –I  am ever so much more than twenty, and I have just begun to soar.
Oh, and for the record, Tinkerbell can bite me.”
Don’t forget to share your ways of finding whimsy. I find my whimsy by rolling on the living room floor with my three dogs, by going on photo adventures with friends, by watching “Pippi Longstocking” and by covering my bedroom floor with art supplies on only-me-allowed art and movie nights.
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8 Responses to Whimsical Giveaway — Just call me Wendy

  1. Maggie says:

    Girl, you are most assuredly a Wendy! Thank you for this wonderful post and supporting me as I’ve moved through this project (especially taking those purdy photos!) And you best believe we will keep flying together (while mutually glaring at Tinkerbell!)

  2. Annie Passanisi, Happiness Advocate says:

    this is the most gorgeous friggin’ thing i have ever friggin’ seen.

    thank you, wonderful lady. to say you rock my socks is a mega understatement.

  3. cindy deluz says:

    Oh my, right up my alley! I adore whimsey, and yes I’m a Wendy all the way! How do I create whimsey in my life? Easy peazy…by painting a flute playing cat in an orange suit, by chasing my pups around the kitchen island, by ringing my beach cruiser’s bell as I speed pass the school bus, and by doing the electric slide to a Earth, Wind, and Fire song in my art studio. I could go on and on. Three cheers for all the Wendys out there! Whoop! Whoop!

  4. Amber Dodd says:

    Ahhh! I am most DEFINITELY a proud Wendy! My whimsy comes from a geeky obsession with ninjas, singing songs about EVERYTHING, refusing to wear plain white socks, goofy faces in pictures, constantly taking pictures & watching Star Wars all by myself with my laptop & Texas Longhorns snuggie. 🙂 So, pick me!

  5. Amber Dodd says:

    ….Tweet, tweet. Who got tha keys to tha jeep? VROOOOM!
    That’s Amber for “I tweeted about that.” 🙂

  6. Amber Dodd says:

    BOOM! Facebook! lol

  7. Marta Sofia says:

    I find Whimsy in my life by singing at the top of my lungs the songs I love, by swirling on the street just because I feel like it and by always remembering the kid in me 🙂

  8. Impower You says:

    Neat photos. I like to walk down the streets of my city and imagine everything from flowers blooming in unlikely places to creating the perfect mural on a blank wall. All of this happens inside my head and always brings a bright goofy smile to my face.

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