Sunday at the Smithsonian | Washington, D.C.

Last month, after driving from California to Washington, D.C., I spent a Sunday afternoon with friends Mike and Michael at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. It was wonderful, small little worlds of art and history right in front of us. I always get a little geeked out as I think of all of the artists who touched the pieces that are right in front of me. I thought of Andy Warhol’s fingerprints on his Marilyn Monroe painting. I wondered how far George Washington stood from his original portrait. And if Honest Abe touched the layers of paint on his own painting. Early this year, I felt the same way when I wandered through a Frida Kahlo exhibit in Mexico City. But the Smithsonian — it was massive and overwhelming and so much more than I expected.

These photos are from that afternoon. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed seeing it all up close and personal.

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5 Responses to Sunday at the Smithsonian | Washington, D.C.

  1. Catherine Lane says:

    This post is great 🙂 It has definitely inspired me to get out there next year. Thank you.

  2. I was there in 1995. I could look at this stuff forever. There is such a wide variety of mediums, shapes and styles. It is more than an art museum. It is a collection of creativity. Thanks for a delightful and entertaining post.

  3. F. says:

    I love the quote about New York.

    Great post 🙂

  4. cindy deluz says:

    Okay, this is my favorite post! I want to go to the Smithsonian now…amazing place. Reminds me why I love art so much! Great photos sister!

  5. Beverly Sager says:

    Thank you Lauren for all the wonderful pictures. This is one way i get to see different parts of our world, I can set right at my compurter and look at your posts. Keep up the good work, it is great.

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