Where the past lives | Monuments & memorials of Washington, D.C.

I spent one Sunday in Washington, D.C. And I loved it.

That day, Mike and Michael showed me the nation’s history concentrated in this little district. It was powerful and fun and, most of all, it was so great to reconnect with Mike, one of my dearest friends who I pretty much association with every great memory of college that I have. Mike and I hadn’t seen each other in about five years, but as soon as we met up at Busboys and Poets for brunch in a bookstore coffeehouse, it was like old times.

Mike and Michael have seen the monuments and “touristy” attractions over and over, but they were great at being excited. Michael was our tour guide for the day, and shared the ins and outs and recited speeches and history books, and was amazing.

Thanks boys for a great day. Here are photos of what we saw, before we hit the museums and then filled up on small plates at a Mediterranean restaurant and then went for red velvet cupcakes.

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4 Responses to Where the past lives | Monuments & memorials of Washington, D.C.

  1. Steve says:

    Your DC shots have been wonderful! They tell a story nicely. Cheers!

  2. Was there in 1995 for a week. Left a pebble I took from Gettysburg I got the day before at the Vietnam wall.

  3. cindy deluz says:

    wow! I love these photos…you really captured the feel of the monuments. Very touching. Thanks for sharing your brilliance with the rest of us!

  4. Maggie says:

    Wow, these are amazing Lauren! You make DC look so ridiculously pretty and regal.

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