Five Senses Monday

Happy Monday! It was a long weekend, but Monday still seems to be here too soon. I hope you are settling back into your routine after a long holiday weekend.

It’s time for Five Senses Monday, where I reflect on the last few days through the five senses. Play along in the comments or on your own blog. And, have a great week!

My 4-year-old nephew sounding so comfortable with our waitress: “Can we have more crayons, please,” and “Don’t forget my cheese.” Water boiling for coffee. Birds chirping on a wintery morning as they pecked the nature trail’s dirt. Silence … an empty house on a Sunday morning.

Soon-to-be-here baby Amelia kicking and hiccuping in my sister’s belly. The crunch of onions and celery in the Thanksgiving stuffing (Dad: “You mean I was supposed to saute them?” Me: “Um, yes.”). Warm under extra blankets piled on the bed. Like the weather … sometimes bright and cheery, sometimes not so much. The dogs jumping up to cuddle in middle of the night. A little bit better now that I’ve made progress on the website.

“Crazy, Stupid, Love” — I laughed, out loud, to myself. Cindy petal through unexpected obstacles on the bike path, even though it’s sometimes tough with the Parkinsons (Bravo!). Through the Instagram lens I’m recently obsessed with. Foggy roads after dark.

The obvious turkey dinner with all the fixings, and macaroni salad “the way grandma made it” (that’s big, people). Strong coffee made at home with my new favorite thing, a French press. My sister’s albondigas (Mexican (turkey) meatball soup) … cooked with chunks of lemon grass that added a Thai-like citrus flavor. Yum.

The fire places burning in the neighborhood.

Maggie and I spoke about social networking at our editor’s mass communications class last week. To celebrate conquering our fears of public speaking, we bought ourselves a drink.

The next day, to celebrate Thanksgiving Eve, we lunched at the festive Habanero Hots. We laughed at the awesomeness of scoring two beautifully-topped tables (love the tiles) two days in a row at two different restaurants.

And then there was Thanksgiving. Just me, my dad, our sweats, the two dogs and a cat named Kat. There was kitchen prep all morning. Bloody Mary’s for him. For me, coffee and eggnog (notice the Mason jar wine glass … classy). Rain all day. Dogs burying bones (and me digging them up). A stuffed turkey. TV trays in front of the Cowboys game. Pie that never got eaten. A short walk in the rain. And nap time for all humans and animals shortly after. Hello, French press. I decided to give this big boy a shot since I’ve been in a coffee funk. After a YouTube tutorial or two, I figured out how to use it — successfully. Me and at-home-coffee are friends once again.It’s pretty cool to go to Barnes & Noble and pick up a magazine with a spread on your friend. Cindy’s retro camper art studio is featured in Studio magazine this month, and I was so surprised and excited to see it on the rack.It was the first day that really felt like winter, but Cindy and I made it out for a bike ride to a beautiful park where big oak trees live.And the weekend was just filled with lots of relaxation … and geeking out with my sister and brother-in-law.

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One Response to Five Senses Monday

  1. Maggie says:

    This looks so comfy cozy and relaxing! I really want to go to your dad’s house again and spend a day walking around the farm. Maybe when I get my new camera! I’m so ready to meet Baby Amelia, and love that Joseph is growing into his own. Heaven forbid, the waitress forgets the cheese!

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