The Colors of Eastern Market; Washington, D.C.

The weekend market where a block in Capitol Hill is closed down to make room for tables of apples and art is known as Eastern Market — and it quickly became one of my favorite spots in the city. The produce and art is a regular outdoor weekend affair; but inside, butchers work behind rows of meat cases every day (I photographed the inside with film on another trip to Eastern Market, and I’ll show those soon).

I didn’t buy anything here — just took pictures, which isn’t really appreciated by one of the vendors, I quickly learned. But I just couldn’t stop looking at her green truck that paired so beautifully with her matching green veggies.

We wandered through the rows, fingering the soft scarves, handmade jewelry and plump tomatoes. My sister was intrigued by the soap lady, and bought several blocks for herself and for our mom.

My other favorite was this man below. I like him, and I like his art. He makes animals, mostly giraffes, off all sizes out of thinly sliced aluminum cans. So amazing.

Here’s a little peak into Eastern Market. I still have more D.C. to share, so I’ll do that over the next week as I share some lists and things I’m thankful for as we near this holiday.

Have a great short week, everyone.

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2 Responses to The Colors of Eastern Market; Washington, D.C.

  1. dmc714 says:

    You sure found one of DC’s lesser known highlights!

  2. Beautiful photos…I’m in love with those giraffes!

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