Windows and stoops of Capitol Hill

Say hello, friends, to our nation’s capital. There she is, all big and beautiful and historic and, on this day, a little sleepy.

I visited her nearly every day in D.C., as she kind of became my center. If I got lost, I had one question: where’s the capital? Makes sense, I guess, as the four quadrants (ne, se, nw, sw) start there (actually, trivia: it starts at the National Monument, but tours and such tell you it’s the capital (though they’re not far from each other)).

On a Monday morning — which was beautiful and crisp — I walked around DC by myself. It’s the same morning I wrote this to you from a little coffee shop in Capital Hill. My sister dropped me off on the outskirts of D.C. around 7 a.m., on her way to her new first day of work at a new job. I didn’t know where I was going, but I figured it was better for me to get lost while sightseeing than it would be for her to get lost on her first day. Find the capital, I reminded myself.

I walked toward it, past quiet storefronts and through empty brick sidewalks as cars passed in the early morning on Pennsylvania Avenue. Men and women handed out newspapers at the metro ramp, and one woman sat reading a book in a cafe’s window. I remember wishing I had time to read at a cafe in the morning, and it was almost odd that she had a yellowed novel — no phone in her palm, no earbuds in her ear, no iPad in her lap. Just a book.

Later in the morning, after catching up on a little Bloglovin’ and enjoying a mug of some kind of spiced mocha, I walked around the capital.

I’d always imagined there would be a flurry of people around the capital. Around the whole city, actually. But it was quiet. It’s surrounded by green lawns and excited squirrels and trees I sat under more than once. There were few tourists — only one class of school children. And the staff huddled together around their bikes and black SUVs and seemed rather relaxed as I walked all around and up the steps to the nation’s capital.
The rest of the day was spent walking. All over. I did learn to take the metro after I went in circles one too many times, but then I just walked in circles in another district, in Dupont Circle.

I decided to explore some neighborhoods and walk through small streets to see where people live. Here are a few images of neighborhoods. There are more neighborhood shots to come, as I have a thing for windows and stoops and the pumpkins left on them.

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3 Responses to Windows and stoops of Capitol Hill

  1. adventures says:

    DC is beautiful as seen through the lense of your camera 🙂 I am excited to go see it next!

  2. the word bar says:

    I was in DC last April and find it to be a fine little city.. great shots!!
    especially love your window pictures..

  3. Steve says:

    Very cool shots of DC; I like your eye for interesting photos.

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