All roadtrips must come to an end

Hi, friends! I’m home! It’s always a little strange to go back to normal. But here I am, back in California, back to work, back to my sweet doggies. I’m using the weekend to catch up on laundry, sleep, editing photos, cooking and playing with doggies and friends I missed while I was away. It surprised me how much I began to miss home. I suppose I secretly crave routine and security and my own bed and familiar faces.

I did, though, love this trip. I fell in love with parts of D.C., and I want to do the drive again … only with a little more time and a lot more photo detours. I do have a ton of posts to share with you, but for now — I’m sorry — here are more cell phone pictures. Real ones are coming soon, I promise. Besides, I guess I enjoy phone pics because they’re from those real moments when you didn’t expect to need a camera, ya know? I think they’re kind of precious in their own way.

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4 Responses to All roadtrips must come to an end

  1. Road trip, eh. REAL ROAD TRIP: 1968. Winter. 28 degrees and oranges in groves freezing. Lakeland, Florida. Florida Southern College. 56 brothers abduct my 17 member pledge class, tie us up and dump us in the back of a semi trailer. Drive 30 miles from town and drop us quarter a mile apart with no coats. Divested us of of all money and coins. Did leave us with 2 bottles of brandy. Mid-terms began the next morning. Young people today have no idea what REAL college is like. Now that’s a road trip, honey.

  2. Welcome back, Lauren. Charming mementos

  3. Maggie says:

    I love this! The new photo borders are lovely and I love your little captions!

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