I love you Nashville …

… because you gave us a bed. With the exception of gas every 400 miles, coffee, the occasional drive-thru and the occasional photo opp, we’ve been driving straight for about 52 hours (with a moving trailer in tow). We’ll each take turns sleeping in the front seat while the other drives until they can’t take it anymore. Late last night, we made it to our first hotel room in Nashville. The three hour drive from Memphis seemed like the longest stretch yet … a hot shower and flat bed was the carrot dangling in front of us. Finally, we got here. And passed out not long after.

We’re supposed to be in D.C. at 3 p.m. to pick up apartment keys. Um, it’s 8:30 here, and we still have 11 hours to go. Something tells me we’re not going to be sleeping in a new apartment tonight. Must. Not. Think. About. That. Yet.

Today I’m determined to pull over and shoot more, even if it puts us in later (hey, if we’re gonna be late anyway, right…?)

Sister is all ready to go and looking at me … Highway 40, here we come … again.

(Oh, and those are just a few cell phone pics from along the way).

Have a great day, friends! (Next time, I’ll try to not be so loopy).

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3 Responses to I love you Nashville …

  1. Never was a Moon Pie guy. But loved those Nutty Buddy ice cream cones and the biggest Baby Ruth candy bar they had.

  2. Maggie says:

    Moon Pies for all!

  3. adventures says:

    Swing by Knoxville while you’re on I40. There’s lots to see historically.

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