Arizona sunrise

Yay, we’re 13 hours into our cross-country trip to DC. I just want to share a few quick photos from the sunrise this morning. I think we were close to Arizona, if not in Arizona (ha, the lines all kind of blur when you know you have to do a straight shot for 400 miles). It was a beautiful morning, and I was thankful for light that brought a little energy with it. I think we’re an hour or so from Flagstaff, so we’re getting there … slowly. The scenery is starting to get a little more interesting with old motels and closed cafes. My kind of thing, right?

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2 Responses to Arizona sunrise

  1. cindy deluz says:

    Hey road warrior! So glad to hear from you…’re a real PD’er pulling all nighters! Be careful!!
    Love the desert skies…the jeep is pretty cool too. On the road again…la la la Talk to you soon!

  2. anonymously says:

    That first picture took my breath away. I’ve never seen such a sky like that ever. I’ve seen blue skies, silver skies, black skies, purple skies, green skies, but never such a transcend of shades like this. The faraway mountains hint at magical gnomes hiding in the bushes. And I LOVE that road. I don’t know why. It’s just so simple, and plain and normal against that beautiful sky and that sun peeking over the land. I guess that’s why it stands out.

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