List 7/52 — Things to do this fall

Right now. It feels like fall. My fingers feel cold on this keyboard. My toes are buried between couch cushions trying to stay warm. The house already smells like cinnamon and cider. And getting out of bed every morning seems to be harder and harder as the sun takes longer to brighten the sky. I know it’s fall, too, because I’m getting the urge to hibernate; to sew and watch movies for entire Sundays and knit and to make big pots of steamy, rich food. People seem quieter, their brains slowly adjusting to darker evenings and wearing socks again and switching their iced coffees to pumpkin lattes. I get it. I’m there.

But I refuse to spend the entire season under the covers. Oh no, I have plans, people. That’s why I’ve made my list of Things to Do this Fall. I’m proving not to be very good at lists, but I still like them (and it gave me a reason to go through The Urban Hippie archives to look for fall photos from years ago … check em out).

Scroll through for the list, and make sure you tell me what’s on yours. Seriously, tell me! I may add your awesome idea to my list.

Stay warm and enjoy something made with pumpkin, friends.

Things to do this fall:

1. Drive across the country (I just can’t resist including this, even if it is cheating).

2. Mule cider.

3. Build an indoor blanket fort with my niece and nephew.

4. Spend a day reading in front of the fire/with a book/with a cup of something hot.

5. Make Dan and Maggie dinner at their new apartment.

6. Photograph my sister’s very pregnant belly.

7. Wear a scarf for an entire day.

8. Go to Muir Woods.

9. Stay a night at grandma and grandpa’s new house.

10. Take pictures at a farm.

11. Take Emma designer-clothes-hunting at San Francisco thrift stores.

12. See “Rum Diary.”

13. Go to the ZombieWalk.

14. Stay at the beach house in Bodega Bay.

15. Spend a long weekend in the town where I went to high school.

16. Make Chai cheesecake or birthday cake pops (Starbucks style).

17. Have an art night with Val, and make something for her new house.

18. Bake pumpkin seeds.

19. Bake an apple crisp — or something with apples.

20. Have a movie night with friends.

I’ll add more, I’m sure. Now what are yours?

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6 Responses to List 7/52 — Things to do this fall

  1. rokalily says:

    ice skating and eating homemade chocolate chip cookies.

  2. Maggie says:

    Aww, I love and remember all of those wonderful pictures!
    Muir Woods! Rum Diaries! Zombies! Let’s do it! Can’t wait to spend a lovely Fall season with you only like 15 minutes away!

  3. yogaleigh says:

    Oh, I used to live there and it was my favorite place. Your list makes me nostalgic. If I could be there for a beautiful fall day I would ride the ferry back and forth to Sausalito and poke around in the great cheese shop at the ferry building. Or on a rainy fall day I would go to Kabuki Hot Springs and revel in the sauna and steam, etc.

  4. what a lovely list. it makes autumn seem so much nicer than it is. i really cant get out of bed in the cold.
    or in summer
    or ever really

  5. Oooo. Like #3 but I would use refrigerator boxes and such. And the flashlight, a water jug, a supply of cookies, toy rifles, and a clock or two(they are used as the instrument panel in case you are a rocket ship instead of a fort). Ahem. I have just transported myself from 62 back to 8.

  6. Val says:

    Yaaaay!! If nothing else, we know #17 will get crossed off!! Maybe we can make mule cider and kill two birds!! Yahoo!!

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