Five Senses … Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! It’s time for “Five Senses,” which I normally do on Monday’s, but I, well, forgot. It’s fun and lets me — and, I hope, you too — look back at the week in ways we may not have considered otherwise. Play along in the comments or on your own blog.

Homemade chocolate biscotti. Saturday morning coffee with vanilla spiced rum cream. Veggie pizza and apple pie. Pad Thai and a mojito on a Delta island. Spaghetti squash. Lip gloss I’d toss out if only I could remember to buy a better flavor.

A loud rain through an air vent. A friend’s mom giving me heartfelt, over-the-phone advice in her Texas drawl. The espresso machine blowing steam. Sadness in a friend’s voice. A lecture from dad on the art of camping.   

My blog posts pop up on my newspaper’s website (hello, Lodi … hope you like it here). More of the Kardashians, Rachel Zoe and Heidi Klum, now that I officially have cable TV. A dear, dear friend on a lazy afternoon. A puppy that’s grown big enough to jump on the bed if she runs fast enough. The coolest thrift store score, a vintage pipe — the perfect housewarming gift for Maggie and Dan. My uncle enjoying a fishing weekend … so amazing, since he spent most of the past year in the hospital battling cancer.

Like I was the only person who didn’t mind being stuck in traffic at a draw bridge at sunset. Freaked out because I got sucked into watching the beginning of two different scary movies with my mom. Even more freaked out after that, when I sat in dark parking lot at the bowling alley trying to photograph neon and car lights. Hate for Parkinson’s. Excited my friends got an apartment that’s only a half a block from work … we’re completely excited to have a place to eat lunch (no more lunchroom — hooray!)  and a place to geek out on our laptops. A little scared, vulnerable, nervous to mingle this, my happy place on the Internet, with work, where I’ve come to meet amazingly wonderful people, but also those who thrive on voicing their negative comments.

Garlic and olive oil on the stove. Blown-out candles. And coffee. Always coffee.

Thanks for visiting, friends. Here are a few more pics from the week:

A little — okay, a lot — of computer time. It was one of those relaxing weekends.C and I found a new thrift store, but better yet, an old-man pipe with a stand. I bought it for friends’ new apartment, where the theme is kind of funky, retro, brown, old man and mustache. They’re already talking about using this in a photoshoot that includes a grandpa chair and typewriter. And, the gnome bag — equally awesome.I have a little collection of retro mugs, and these were like 29 cents, so they came home with me. You like?

And then we have cell phone pics to go with this hodge podge of a post. A little sunset in Rio Vista, candles, and me trying to figure out how to use a tripod and shutter release cable. I didn’t get my car or camera stolen, so I consider it a success. Oh, and field because I like the clouds. Now tell me about your world.

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6 Responses to Five Senses … Tuesday

  1. Steve says:

    This series is a great concept: summing up the week in the 5 senses. Great photos to go with the post! Cheers!

  2. TheMindOfFreya says:

    Love the pipe! Love the mugs..heck I love it all! Nice work.

  3. Karen Sim says:

    What a great concept, I might just adopt this style in one of my future blogs. Such inspiration. Yes I like your collection of retro mugs lol. A question for you, what camera do you use to shoot all those pictures?

  4. You can be my sense “agenda secretary” any time with such arrangements you have listed.

  5. Debie says:

    Can I have the mug? The green one? Haha! Nice photos!!! 😀

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