Summer love :: My art guitar

A couple of years ago, I shared this idea with you, my plan to collage a guitar. I started it, put it on the back burner, got it back out, ripped everything off, and started over. A few weeks ago, I stayed up entirely to late — sustained with a little caffeine, a jar of Mod Podge and a friend who kept me company as she crafted on my bed — and just finished it.

Most of the images are torn from magazines I’ve collected over the years, Nylon, Foam, Boho, Lula. I wanted to stick to a kind of boho/summer feel with this piece, so when I look at it, I’ll kind of feel like going to the beach.

It’s not entirely perfect, but it’s a fun piece to hang on the wall. I may string it and give a 37th attempt at learning to play. Yeah, probably not.

Happy Sunday!

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6 Responses to Summer love :: My art guitar

  1. The idea is amazing… And the result is even more amazing!

  2. arnulfo guerra says:

    That is a great guitar. For about a year I have been waiting for an old guitar to turn up so tha tI can paint on it. I am still waiting. I really like the photos you take, especially the carnival ride against the blue sky. I an almost feel the wind rushing past and the blur of people looking up as we zoom by.

  3. your collage photo choices really created a whole story. very cool!

  4. Myra's voice. says:

    This is pretty groovy! “) Thumbs up on creativity.

  5. So cool – I really love it!

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