Welcome to Paradise | Camping, part three

Happy Friday, friends. As we ease into the weekend, I leave you with the last of the Dillon Beach photos (you can see the others here and here).

After we loaded the car with our gear, we took in one last dose of Dillon-ness and walked through the neighborhood of campers and trailers along the beach. If you know me, you know I have this weird fascination with campers and small spaces and decorating, so I always get lost in my head when I walk through this space. “How cool would this be,” Maggie and I told each other, though we agreed you’d be pretty “interesting” if you lived there full-time. We’d for sure have the best space, and it would be filled with succulents, pink flamingos, mustache memorabilia (for Mags), gnomes and an art station.

Here’s a little peak into a world I hope to be invited into one day. Enjoy.Have a great weekend, everyone. I’m just planning a weekend at home, which I’m so excited about. It should include nail polish, reality TV, spaghetti squash, gym reading, walking the dogs and making a feather headdress.

What are you up to?

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One Response to Welcome to Paradise | Camping, part three

  1. You can tell if the homeowner is from New York or New Jersey here in Miami. One of those plastic pink flamingos is on the lawn.

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