A morning at Dillon Beach | Camping, part two

Though Dillon Beach is a staple to my summer, this weekend’s trip was unlike any other I’ve had there. We spent the majority of our weekend on the beach, which I shared yesterday here.

After playing in the low tide and getting through a few chapters in our books, we walked back to our minimal campsite between a dune mountain and a Boyscout troop from Vallejo. We spread out a blanket on the grass, made summer cocktails and went back to reading for a bit before it was time to make dinner and face the fire.Like I said, this wasn’t an average Dillon Beach trip. It was wonderful, the getaway we were wanting, but it wasn’t without its challenges. For one, we didn’t have a table. I thought we would score one of the few wooden tables scattered throughout the campground, but we failed. So we used the ice chest as a surface, and for a chopping area, we used the top of the camp stove. I don’t like to admit it, but I like camping with my dad because he thinks of everything and he always brings a table (and marshmallow skewers. and enough to drink. and knows how to build a fire. and light the campstove).

I made caprese salad, our summer favorite, while Maggie worked her magic and bribed the Boy Scouts for marshmallow skewers. We bought firewood — and later, went back for more — and got it started after dowsing it in lighter fluid. Maggie gathered twigs from the dunes because I didn’t take my dad’s advice to “take small wood, too.” Oops. Still, I consider it a great win because we got a fire going during an hour of heavy wind that we thought was going to snap our tent poles. As we sat around the fire with our hot dogs on skewers over the flames (because we didn’t figure out how to work the stove until we called my dad later that night), we were proud because the Boy Scouts asked us how we got our fire started so quickly. Success.

We stayed warm at our fire. We ate too many smores. We ate Dutch oven cobbler, courtesy of the troop. We laughed at ourselves. We watched the sky turn into night, though it always stayed some shade of blue. We went to bed with promise of a great night’s sleep.I slept great. Maggie, however, was up four times during the night with what we later figured was the evil stomach flu. Of course this would happen, right?

It was on one of these hurry-up-and-get-outside-before-it’s-too-late times at 1 a.m. that Maggie first saw the cows. We’d known they had to be somewhere by the abundance of cow patties around, but we didn’t expect them to be right there. Right outside the tent. While Yosemite gets bears, Dillon gets cows.
Sara loves cows. She charges them, so a leash would have been handy. Too bad we lost her leash on the beach the day before. Thank God for small rope. Sorry, Sara.
Is this really happening? The flu knocked Maggie out for a few days.
I went to hunt for some kind of tummy meds at the little markets, and wandered around the pier while I was there.

The poor guy only has one foot.
I went back and made coffee and walked to see the cows near the dunes while Maggie slept. Even with everything that happened, we loved being there. We even agree that this might have been one of our favorite Dillon Beach trips. I’ll be back with one more Dillon Beach trip, where Maggie sucked it up (ha, joking) and went on a little walk through the “village” with me.

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7 Responses to A morning at Dillon Beach | Camping, part two

  1. Stellar post as usual oh talented one!

  2. martha esch says:

    Great photos and words – as always. Did you catch the year and make of that cool motorhome?
    Your marshmallows pic is iconic! ~martha

  3. Tracy Matheson says:

    Very nice photos ~ we love to go too

  4. bstrocreates says:

    Those dunes are so breathtaking! All the sand here in Florida is flat 😦

  5. Joe Silva Sr says:

    Outstanding photography! Outstanding story! I have been going to Dillon Beach since age 8. My Great Grandfather had a house on the old section above the store in the 60’s so my Mom has been going her entire life. GREAT place for family memories. We love to go in our RV and stay at the dunes.

  6. Debie says:

    Beautiful photos!!

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