Simply Emma

Emma — a 17-year-old wise woman, cheerleader, photographer, plain-pasta-eater and horse lover — is graduating from high school soon. Recently, we drove to visit her horse, Holly, at the ranch and to take a few senior pictures. Emma is a woman whose personality comprises many facets, from country girl to San Francisco dweller, quiet introvert and outgoing student. Here, her cowgirl side comes out a little amongst a backdrop of a middle-of-nowhere ranch and dry rolling hills.

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3 Responses to Simply Emma

  1. What a delightful looking young lady. When she graduates from college let her know I am a bachelor and available. I live in Miami, Florida. Of course I’ll be about 70 years old then. Oh well.

  2. Maggie says:

    Emma! You are so gorgeous! I love all of these pictures, Lauren, especially all of the close ups. I wish my senior pics looked like this.

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