Sonoma Vintage Art Festival + Five Senses Monday

Vintage jazz is running through Starbucks speakers as I sit here at a table beside four other Internet-browsers and a pretty boy reading a book titled “Beyond Feelings.” For weeks I’ve been obsessing over making enough vixen/pulp pendents and bee’s wax covered prints for this weekend’s art show, and now I’m finally leaning back into this booth and breathing again. I took today off of work; we weren’t supposed to be home until today, but we got rained out. I contemplated going to work, but after much thought, decided “nah.” I woke up early, went to the gym, then the school’s darkroom, and now I’m here … organizing my life with iced coffee, oatmeal, Billy Holiday and the boy who’s reading about feelings.

The show was more fun and relaxing than preparing for it was. Between the sea and hills of bright green glowing grape vines, there was a slight chill in the Sonoma air as we manned our booth Saturday. Behind us, people spread out blankets, where families feasted, lovers held each other and friends laughed at the pooches. People wandered into our booth, and it was fun to see their faces light up, even if they didn’t choose to buy something from us. One woman said she wished she could camp it our booth because it was so bright and fun. She came back later and bought a bee’s wax collage of cutesy campers I painted. Another couple asked me to sign the pieces they bought from me. And so many people giggled at my vintage pulp pendents, though I realized that not everyone can visualize a Domino necklace charm (guess not everyone’s as obsessed with etsy/the Internet as I am … cus haven’t you seen it all over?)

But since it’s Monday, and because I feel like it, here is this week’s Five Senses Monday. Play along in your own blog or in the comments. And please say hello and let me know you’re out there. xxxooo.

The relief and comfort that comes after an afternoon of deep, therapeutic cleaning.

Sandwiches from the Sonoma Cheese Factory. Sorry to ticket No. 4, whose sandwich bag I accidentally grabbed and didn’t realize until it was too late. Oh, and thanks for dinner.

“Come Together.” The Beatles. Right now. Love it.

Rain-soaked asphault. Cool weather welcome.

Gray skies over vineyards.

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4 Responses to Sonoma Vintage Art Festival + Five Senses Monday

  1. that top pic seems like one of those paintings by the French guy with seaside people lounging scenes. You know-what’s his name !? Hey, took art history 1968.

  2. Stefani Gonzales says:

    OMG I NEED TO GO TO ONE OF THESE!!! Was all that stuff yours? WANT

  3. vasilich says:

    The design and the look of your site are really nice! It makes my reading even more interesting and pleasant!

  4. Maggie says:

    I love all of these pics! I’m so sad I couldn’t make it on the pretty, sunshine day, but I’ll definitely be there next time. And yay for boys who read! They make my heart pitter patter!

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