Love yourself some random

It’s a Tuesday. Feels like it should be a Thursday. Has the slight bitterness of a Monday. I’ll just fast-forward through all unwanted phone calls, microwaved lunchroom lunch, the unchecked to-do list and skip ahead to the good part: later.

On days like this, the little worlds of the Internet help keep me inspired and feeling all gooshy over pretty little things. Here are some awesome things I’ve discovered recently. Let’s all just celebrate pretty pictures, prolific words and thoroughly thoughtful thoughts. Luv.

Loving this photo collection by James Mollison.
I want to be like this when I’m 90.
I love this photographer’s street photos she took with a pocket camera.
Dear America: I want to be there.
This photostream.
This blast from my childhood.

Here’s to a great day!

(Oh, about the photos: Friends at The Dancing Fox; Dan and his tatted arm in the car; Maggie swinging). I’ll be back with color photos soon.

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2 Responses to Love yourself some random

  1. Maggie says:

    I love that Dear America photo collection. Missouri was the Arch! This is the most Monday feeling Tuesday I have possibly ever had.

  2. pause says:

    really nice pictures!!and that tattoo with the camera..its awsome!!

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