Film Friday :: Fun in the darkroom

I processed my first two rolls of black and white film! Yay, it’s so exciting, especially because I didn’t screw it up. We haven’t actually printed anything in class yet (that’s next week), but I kinda cheated and scanned the negatives.

I’m two weeks into my darkroom photo class and I love it. The best part is breathing that sigh of relief when you take your film out of the reel and see that there are actual images on the film. The hardest part, though, is standing in the black closet with scissors, film and a reel and trying to pop open the canister like a beer bottle in the dark. I can’t wait to actually print.

These are a few images from an afternoon at work when we had to walk along the tracks to talk to people living in a camp on the river about canoe and kayak access for the public.

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3 Responses to Film Friday :: Fun in the darkroom

  1. Awesome shots….love film! Great job!

  2. awarewriter says:

    Scanning isn’t really cheating. LOL Try using a changing bag when loading your film onto the reel. Makes the job lots easier because only your hands work in the dark.

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