And the sunflowers go boom

One good thing about the end of summer is all the sunflowers that burst after weeks and weeks of basking in sunshine. Almost a year ago, I wrote about our giant sunflowers here. They’re back again, but this time we have a few more variaties that are less “mutant-like.” Several lone buds have jolted to the sky, high above the corn, tomatoes and trellises. I think they’re trying to compete with the tallest of trees in our backyard.

Our backyard looks a little bit like a jungle now, filled with huge leaves hiding oversized pumpkins and squash. This week I’m trying to do better about eating the produce from  the garden. I’m going to start with chopping squash into salads and shaving raw corn into a bean salad. What are your tricks for using the garden abundance?

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3 Responses to And the sunflowers go boom

  1. Amazing.
    I love sunflowers! I want a garden very badly. And I wish I had the skills for photography. I think I may envy you a little…

  2. Maggie says:

    What a lovely oasis your family has in the backyard. And those sunflowers still look like mutants, even when you consider their height alone! Can’t wait to check them out!

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